"What hurts the most is pretending it doesn't." Reaching out to others for help is never easy, going it alone is even harder. Life sometimes provides us with demands, challenges and obstacles that sometimes can become overwhelming. Do you have a rough time at school, tired of arguing with your parents. Are you struggling with relationships, going through a breakup/divorce. Maybe your suffering from anxiety, stress or depression. While creating a supportive environment we can work together on building a solid foundation and begin to change how you see others, how you see circumstances and more importantly how you see yourself.

My ideal clients are teens 15 and older, young to middle aged adults, who are looking for help with the challenges that life presents. Transitions are inevitable in life, together we can work on managing those transitions.

I can help you sort through the challenges you face, re-focus efforts and promote a healthier way to choose and make decisions. I offer you my experience and the willingness to listen, you bring the desire to find and create change. Together we can start working on a positive outcome.


J. Michael Petroro L.P.C.

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100 Migeon Ave.
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